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Lynn Branigan of She Runs It – Sprinkling Good on Women in Tech, Media, and Marketing

Imagine jumping into the driver’s seat of a company more than 100 years old. What challenges, and possibilities, would you face? Ask Lynn Branigan, the  CEO of She Runs It— an organization of professional women…

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Heather Andersen of New York Pilates – Forever Forward

A case study on building a business empire-in-the-making, proving that creativity, hard work, determination, and research can transform a passion into a real business, why believing in your excellent product is crucial for growth, leveraging…

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Alexandra Wilkis Wilson – From Lemonade to Fashion and Beauty

If you have any connection to the fashion or beauty industries you’ve most likely heard of Alexandra Wilkis Wilson at least of  The GILT Group and Glamsquad. Her latest entrepreneurial success is Allergan’s Spotlyte, educating millions…

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