Why is IPM successful in developing countries?


The International Relations Directorate of the Ministry of Coordination and Planning informs that the GIF call for proposals is now open, with the objective of financing innovative solutions with the potential to positively impact the lives of millions of poor people around the world.

The Fund assists entrepreneurs using a risk-style, phased approach to financing where more speculative ideas receive a smaller amount of support and more funding for successful trials.

Any type of organization can apply. This includes social enterprises, for-profit companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, international organizations and research institutions in any country. It is recommended that innovators, entrepreneurs or individual researchers apply through an affiliated organization.

-Evidence: Innovations supported by GIF are based on evidence of what works. This evidence can focus on changes in the lives of your beneficiaries or customers or evidence of how your solution can be successfully implemented or scaled.

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Some of its biggest challenges during 2020 were: managing the uncertainty generated by the pandemic; and successfully overcoming the transition to the new work dynamics brought about by the new normal. To this end, the organization developed the “intelligent adaptation to change” strategy, in which it took early isolation measures, adjusted working conditions based on productivity and customer service, and strengthened its different organizational programs.

This allowed GIP to count on the commitment and contribution of each of its collaborators to satisfactorily meet organizational objectives, complying with biosafety protocols and with self-care awareness.


Specifically, the IPM requires farms to be advised and technically managed by a qualified advisor registered in the corresponding registry (ROPO), with some exceptions depending on the crop and surface area. Likewise, it is mandatory that the people who handle or apply phytosanitary products on the farm, are in possession of the corresponding handler’s license, appropriate to the type of product and application made.

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Social impact bonds bid

Sport is ideal for raising awareness of the need to preserve the environment. The interdependence between the regular practice of outdoor sports and the protection of the environment is something obvious that we must take into account.

Resolution 58/5 urges governments, international sports bodies and sports-related organizations to develop and implement partnership initiatives to support sport-based development projects aimed at achieving the MDGs.

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