Who can use a sit to stand lift?

Use and benefits of the sit-to-stand lift

The wheelchair-bound user, especially if he is aware of his condition, has to assume that his normal life will be very different. Especially if the disability is highly impairing and does not allow him to carry out his daily life normally.

As for spare parts and maintenance, find out about their availability in the medium term. Better a solution from a national or European manufacturer than a sophisticated equipment brought from far away if we need to have spare parts in the future.


Compact StandingShift Torneo II – Dynamic Aids

– MORE COMFORT AND SAFETY, both for the caregiver and the user. When using a sling, the effort applied to make the transfer is minimal, while when doing manual mobilizations, the effort has to be greater and can cause pain and discomfort.

– Place the lower bands on the opposite side hitch, i.e., the band that passes under the right leg to the left hitch and the band that passes under the left leg to the right hitch, always in the longest position, furthest from the body.

Set-up and operation of the sit-to-stand lift

The user’s feet are placed on a platform of the sit-to-stand lift while in a seated position. During lifting, the legs are supported by the lift’s padded leg support. This support helps to keep the body balanced during lifting or lowering.

With charged batteries it can perform 40 lifts. If you use the active lift continuously, interchangeable batteries are the best option, as one battery is charged while the other is in use.

Standing crane way up

Of course you can buy the product on a rental basis at any time. We have rental with right to purchase, in which up to a maximum of three paid monthly payments (minus the proportional part of VAT), would be subtracted from the total price of the product. Taking this into account, it is ideal to do so at the end of the first three months of rental. Of course, the product will be replaced free of charge by a brand new one, and the final payment will be made when exchanging one product for another.

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Our products are rented for full months from the start date. That is to say, the product rented on March 3rd will be rented until April 3rd. When you no longer need the product you must notify us to proceed to its withdrawal. You must always notify us before the end date of the contract, in this example, before April 3rd. If you notify us after this date, another month’s rental will have started and will have to be paid.

In the event that notification is given before the end date of the contract, but for logistical reasons, it has not been possible to remove the product, as of the end date of the contract, the rental will not be renewed for another month and no further monthly payment will be charged, even if the product is removed from the customer’s home after April 3.

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