What is a stand aid hoist?

What is a hoist

You’ll find what you’re looking for in our fantastic range of electric hoist support items. Whether you’re a contractor with your own staff or a sole trader, you’ll find that when it comes to your technical requirements, we’re the best.

FERVI KIT080 ELECTRIC HOIST + FLAG SUPPORT CONTAINS: ELECTRIC HOIST – 0602 Capacity 200 / 400 kg Cable length 18 m Speed 8 m/min Single-phase motor 230 V 50 Hz 1 kW Weight 16,7 kg FLAG SUPPORT – 0236 Capacity 300 kg Arm length 750 mm Hole spacing 380 mm Cross section 45 X 45 mm².

PCI-250/500 Industrial wire rope hoist GAYNER 78-492 PCI Electric Hoist Technical Data Motor category M1 at 230V / 50hz. Intensity: 4,3 A (78-492) and 5,6 A (78-496). Electrical protection level IP54. Sound pressure level (LWA) of 71 dB(A). Working current S3 20%-10min. Special features Cable guidance system. 1.5 m push button. Pulley for double load capacity. Compact and light hoist, with a robust structure. POWER(W): 1.000 CABLE(m): 38 LOAD(m): 250/500

Used Electric Hoists

Safe – The use of a gas hoist is the safest non-electric alternative to manually lifting your materials to the roof. Not only is it extremely dangerous, but it is also an OSHA violation. Our gas hoists are OSHA compliant and minimize the risk of potential injury.

Reliable – Our gas hoists use the highest quality parts available to ensure you have a reliable hoist. Our engines are supplied by Honda, the most trusted name in the industry. Our hoist rail is supplied by The Werner Co. All of our hoists are proudly made in the USA.

VH-300The VH-300 roof ladder has a 300 pound capacity and heavy duty all steel construction, as well as a new spike for added stability and strength.The VH-300 Includes…

Chain Hoist

In addition, it is necessary to have a specialized technical team to carry out all types of hoist installation, to have a maintenance service, technical service and after-sales service for the hoists that are installed.

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In the case of hoists with a rotating arm with a tubular structure on a pole, the horizontal displacement is carried out by means of the same oscillating arm that rotates with the axis coinciding with the vertical pole.

This vertical tube is vertically braced by means of two smaller diameter tubes, which are located on the ground and connected to two other horizontal tubes, also connected to the base of the vertical post and ballasted at the end.

In the upper part of the vertical tube there are two support points, where the horizontal beam that supports the hoist will be inserted, as well as another vertical bracing, which limits the hoist deflections when it is operated for lifting loads.

Uses and applications of hoist in industrial production: The hoist mainly serves to lift and transport heavy loads horizontally. It can be used in the installation and movement of mechanical equipment, concrete and steel structure.

Manual Hoists

The chain is pulled with a hand-over-hand motion, or with a hand lever or ratchet, to rotate gears located inside the hoist and deposit the chain in a chain basket.

Air passes through the system and cools the hoist as it operates, so the hoists can run continuously without rest or risk of overheating, unlike an electric hoist system.

Air hoists are ideal for heavy-duty and industrial production environments, and perform exceptionally well in high-speed, heavy-duty environments with constant starting and stopping.

They offer rugged construction, minimal headroom, low maintenance and are impervious to dust and moisture, making them ideal for manufacturing, energy and industrial facilities.

Strength and productivity to lift and position virtually any load.Available in a wide range of capacities and lifts to suit any industrial, spark resistant or hazardous application.

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