How can I help my elderly walk?

Why a person can’t walk

Exercising when you walk is as easy as putting on your running shoes and going for a run. It’s a safe way to exercise without having to go to the gym, and it can boost your mental and physical health in several important ways.

“Walking is the most well-studied form of exercise, and several studies have shown that it’s the best thing we can do to improve our overall health and increase our longevity and functional status,” says Robert Sallis, MD, a family physician and sports medicine physician at Kaiser Permanente.

And a new 2019 study of more than 44,000 Canadians found that people living in more walkable neighborhoods had a lower overall risk of cardiovascular disease. That’s one reason to advocate for local infrastructure that makes walking easier, says lead author Nicholas Howell, Ph.D., of the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

Lower Body Mass Index (BMI).  A University of Warwick study published in 2017 in the scientific journal International Journal of Obesity confirms that people who walk more and spend less time sitting have a lower BMI, which is an indicator of obesity . In the study, those who took 15,000 or more steps per day tended to have a BMI in the normal, healthy range.

How to lift a person who can not move

When the case arises, we all have doubts about how to take care of an elderly person at home. The elderly in our family may need our care when they reach a certain age. While some families choose to take their family members to specialized care centers or hire someone to assist them, others decide to keep them at home and give them the attention they deserve.

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Caring for an elderly person can be very rewarding and at the same time exhausting, especially if he or she is unable to move on his or her own or suffers from a neurodegenerative disease. This is why it is so important and relevant.

The first thing to do is to list the needs of the elderly person you are caring for, as well as the resources you will have to meet them. Once these are listed, you will have to proceed to draw up a realistic action plan of what each family member can contribute. Similarly, you will also need to find the means and people necessary to facilitate the process.

Walking exercises at home

Do you enjoy spending time with your grandfather or grandmother? Sometimes they get bored or you don’t know what to do? We propose you some activities for seniors, some ideas to have fun together. And if you need any suggestions, do not hesitate to ask us here, we will give you more ideas according to your tastes.

If the person is interested, sit down together to read the newspaper or magazines related to their tastes. This is an opportunity to talk about current affairs or specific topics that appeal to him/her. For example, if he has always liked history, read a magazine on this subject, chat, ask him questions that you know will motivate him to answer and tell you what he knows.

Organizing and preparing a dinner together is a great opportunity to spend some active time together, talk and share. You can come up with a recipe, one that he or she is looking forward to or that reminds him or her of past times. You can also, if possible, go out to buy what you need to prepare it (a good excuse to take a walk, make a shopping list…) and cook together. All that’s left is to enjoy the dinner together!

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Exercises for people who cannot walk

There are many reasons why older people fall. They may lose their balance when stepping off a curb. Or they may fall after becoming dizzy from taking medications. Some falls may be related to the effects of aging, such as muscle weakness or slowed reflexes. Or falls may be related to the results of a stroke.

Experts agree that some falls in older adults are preventable. But since everyone’s risks are a little different, talk to your doctor about which of the following tips might help you.

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