How can I be happy with arthritis?

Advances in the cure of rheumatoid arthritis

Arthritis has turned my hands into dry tree branches that gradually deform and bring me pain. I have lost agility, I am not so flexible anymore, I know…but I continue to face my days with courage because I am not going to let it take all the control over me.

Not being bad doesn’t mean I’m fine, just because you see me looking good doesn’t mean I’m not in pain today. Arthritis immobilizes my fingers but does not paralyze my joys or the desire to continue to experience

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How to cure arthritis

“Normally when you’re a little bit more stable you don’t have that stiffness that prevents you from moving, you’re just in pain, which is always present. When arthritis attacks the soft tissues, it makes them stiffer and that is why it is more difficult to move. What affects me the most are my two hands, they are deformed because when there is a very acute activity of the disease there is a lot of inflammation and the bones become deformed causing little mobility. Other joints I have affected are the neck, I have had surgery on the first two cervical vertebrae, hip -sometimes I limp- and left shoulder”.

“As for people in general, since many think that osteoarthritis is arthritis, their heads explode; if you are very young, they tell me. They have even told me that I don’t look sick. I have a 65% disability. A person can be apparently well on the outside but not well on the inside. In December I went through some very tough competitive examinations, I am a journalist and now I am a communications advisor in the Congress of Deputies. I am very happy, I never thought I would get something like this. There are many people who think that it is easier to take competitive examinations with a disability because of the quotas and that is a lie, it makes me very angry because those of us who have a disability have more difficulties than someone who does not have one”.

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Rheumatism and arthritis

We are now in a modern world. Most of us no longer need to hunt and gather to survive. Other “threats” now trigger our stress response, such as issues related to work, finances and relationships. Stress can be temporary or it can continue over the long term, affecting hormones, mood, illness and all aspects of your health and well-being.

Over time, the effects of stress can build up in your brain and body. This kind of long-term, or chronic, stress can weaken the immune system1 and put you at risk for a variety of illnesses, from simple colds to more serious diseases.

Some forms of short-term stress can be beneficial. For example, perhaps there’s a project at work that you’ve been putting off for weeks that is now due. The pressure you suddenly feel to deliver that project is stress. This type of stress is short-lived. It can increase your energy, concentration and adrenaline levels so you can deliver on time. Some people who work well under pressure understand how to make the most of this type of short-term stress.

Rheumatoid arthritis is incapacitating

Contrary to those who think that happiness is not ours, just as the sun, the air and life are not ours, I think that happiness is a job and the first obligation of a man or a woman.

Those who live daily with sadness, imagine that in the next room they will find happiness. And when they pass the door, they realize that happiness does not exist. It is like the numerical scales that we rheumatologists use for the patient to indicate the amount of pain or health he or she perceives. The states of zero and ten, bitterness and full happiness or perfection, do not exist. There is no perfect happiness, nor perfect unhappiness.

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