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World Disability Report 2021

27/3/2018 With a stand of 200 square meters, Topcon will present important new features at the next edition of ExpoÓptica to be held in Madrid from April 13 to 15, coinciding with the Optom 2018 congress.

22/3/2018 With a stand of 200 square meters, Topcon will present important novelties at the next edition of ExpoÓptica to be held in Madrid from April 13 to 15, coinciding with the Optom 2018 congress.

3/20/2018 Bottega Veneta has opened a 5,845-square-meter store in Dubai. The outlet, located in The Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue, is the largest the firm operates in the Middle East.

20/3/2018 Cione has adapted all its processes and procedures to the new version of the 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 standards, for quality and environment respectively. The certifying company SGS carried out the external audit and Cione has successfully passed the Integrated Management System (IMS) certification.

13/3/2018 Under the title “Importance of visual-auditory integration in differential diagnosis” the Federópticos Institute has given the first training action of the division in which twenty opticians-optometrists of the Federópticos Group have participated.

Types of disability according to who

InPrint Foreword Preface Acknowledgments Contributors Introduction 1. Understanding disability What is disability? The environment The diversity of disability Prevention Disability and human rights Disability and development 2. The global disability situation Disability medicine Prevalence of disability and impairment of functioning Prevalence of disability reported by each country Estimates of the prevalence of disability worldwide Health conditions Trends in health conditions associated with disability Health conditions associated with disability Health conditions associated with disability Demographic aspects Older adults Children The environment Environmental factors affect health conditions Disability and poverty Developed countries Developing countriesx xii xiv xvi xxii 1 4 4 4 7 9 10 10 11 21 23 23 27 27 27 28 35 36 39 39 40 41 41 41 42 44 44 44iii

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9. Looking Ahead: Recommendations Disability: A Global Concern What do we know about people with disabilities? What are disabling barriers? How are the lives of people with disabilities affected? Recommendations Recommendation 1: Enable access to all mainstream systems, policies and services Recommendation 2: Invest in disability-specific programs and services Recommendation 3: Adopt a national disability strategy and action plan Recommendation 4: Involve persons with disabilities Recommendation 5: Enhance human resource capacity Recommendation 6: Provide adequate funding and improve affordability Recommendation 7: Raise public awareness and improve public understanding of disability Recommendation 8: Improve disability data collection Recommendation 9: Strengthen and support disability research Conclusions Translating recommendations into practice Technical appendix A Technical appendix B Technical appendix C Technical appendix D Technical appendix E Alphabetical index293 295 295 295 296 297 297 298 298 298 298 299 300 300 300 301 301 301 302 302 302 303 303 303 307 317 317 323 333 333 337 349viii

World Disability Report 2020

People with disabilities experience significant health inequities compared to people without disabilities. In this area of work, PAHO seeks to improve health equity and health system inclusion for persons with disabilities in line with key regional and global human rights frameworks.

A boy in a red T-shirt approaches to read in braille from a book in front of him. His hands and the book are in focus and his face and the background are more blurred. His eyes are closed. The blurred background is a room with a table and chairs, possibly a school.

A young girl with Down syndrome is practicing yoga on a yoga mat. She is wearing a red top and gray yoga pants. Her legs are crossed and her hands are clasped together at the sternum in a “prayer” pose. She looks down at the floor a few feet away, as if she is meditating. The room behind her is empty with a wooden floor and a concrete wall and a single potted plant climbing up the wall.

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World report on disability 2019

rehabilitation services of low complexity, within the framework of Financing Agreement No. T06.44 with the European UnionThe Ministry of Health and Social Protection with budgetary support resources from the European Union, within the framework of Financing Agreement No. T06. 44: “Contract for the Execution of Sectoral Reform of the National Policy for the Social and Economic Reincorporation of former members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP)”), invites the prioritized territorial entities to fill out the information request form, with the purpose of receiving financial and technical support to strengthen the guarantee of health care with a differential approach for people with disabilities in the process of reincorporation, with emphasis on strengthening rehabilitation services in low complexity. The closing date for this process is September 17, 2021.Survey to prioritized entities – strengthening of low complexity servicesWhat is disability?

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