Is there money in nurseries?

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In general, the task of finding a kindergarten to take our children to is closely linked to the mothers’ return to work. That is to say, the decision is usually related to the need, once the maternity leave period is over.

However, the method of rating referred to by this mother located in Madrid is not only specific to this community, but is also used in Galicia, Extremadura, Castile and Leon, Murcia, Aragon and Andalusia. In general terms, a series of criteria and corresponding points are stipulated, such as whether both parents work, the annual income of the family unit, the proximity of the home to the center or whether there are other family members already attending the same daycare center. These factors add or subtract to access to the place and also to obtain, in case there is one, a grant or subsidy.

The Galician measure also extends to private centers that wish to join, following in the footsteps of other autonomous regions that have implemented actions that include agreements with private schools, as well as specific aid.

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If there’s one thing all parents agree on, it’s how life-changing a baby is. Reconciling work schedules with caring for a child can be a real obstacle course. To overcome the difficult challenge of balancing work and family, parents can opt for:

Before choosing between daycare or in-home babysitting, it is essential to inform yourself about how to identify a good nursery school or a professional you trust. Here are the essential guidelines that will allow you to get the right information before making any decision.

If the mother wants to continue breastfeeding once her maternity leave is over, she recommends expressing milk and keeping it for the babysitter to administer it at home. On the other hand, she lists the disadvantages that a day-care center may have for the baby, due to the still insufficient development of its immune system.

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Monthly private day care

Thus, the Government states in the report: “The appropriation withdrawn from this item is intended to cover the aid described during the 2020/21 academic year, and it cannot be stated that this appropriation will not be necessary for the liquidation of the aforementioned academic year, since it is still too early to know the final result of this call. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this Department considers it a priority and essential to allocate this amount [to refurbish the Stadium of La Cartuja] at this time as it is urgent to have it available. This budgetary modification does not imply any alteration of the objectives and indicators assigned to them”.

“The importance that the holding of the [Euro Cup] matches in the Cartuja Stadium, which will be followed in more than 150 countries, would mean for the Andalusia Brand must be underlined, thus reaffirming the capacity of the Cartuja Stadium to host major sporting events and, moreover, with the maximum possible health and safety guarantees. Hosting the [Euro Cup] becomes a city project that would allow to show the image of Seville and Andalusia in the world and link it to sport,” is stated in the report of the transfer of credits.  Among the numerous expenses, which include technical improvements, security, medical services… is also the adequacy of the VIP boxes for an amount of 187,550 euros.

How much does a day care center charge in lima?

In the case of books, for example, many people resort to loans, exchanges and donations. In many schools there are book banks -established or not by the Autonomous Community of the day-, in WhatsApp groups the consultations and offers in this sense multiply… If the book has not changed, why not take advantage of it?

Another alternative to save are the so-called childcare checks, which allow to save a good amount every month, and which are at the same time a good instrument for companies to reward and motivate their employees.

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In some cases, it can be a higher salary, but usually the amount paid by the company is deducted from the employee’s gross salary. But, then, what is the benefit of this modality for the employee?

However, if the payment is instrumented through the childcare check, the company will deduct the 300 euros from the gross salary, without taking into account the IRPF withholding. In this way, if his withholding were 15%, the worker would save about 45 euros (15% of 300), that is to say, he would receive 1,245 euros; with which, in short, he would have more money each month.

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