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We are pleased to share with you the launch of a collection of podcasts, specialized in banking, produced by our UK business team. This series of podcasts, entitled “Axis All Areas”, consists of conversations with pioneers in financial services in the UK market. The podcasts are in English and will be released on a regular basis. They will explore the business and relational models between the different key forces in the fight for the hearts, minds and pockets of consumers.


Youtube openfinance

This favored the rebound of sectors such as e-commerce and accelerated the digitalization process, which included an increase in SPEI transfers and even the adoption of CoDi. This opens up a different panorama for the financial ecosystem during the next decade: what new players will emerge, what financial services will be the preferred ones worldwide, what will be the trends that will remain in the sector, what purchasing models will consumers adopt?

These and other questions will be part of OpenFinance 2020, which will take place virtually from November 17 to 19, with the objective of presenting the international financial services ecosystem with a networking platform and a forum for analysis with industry experts, as a response to the need to boost the strategic sectors of the business fabric in Mexico and around the world.

Mario Hernández Rivera, CEO of highlighted that openbanking is the paradigm of financial services with the best options for the end user, as it opens up a whole range of possibilities for both individuals and companies, “so it should be taken to the next level: OpenFinance. In it we will find models applicable to the financial ecosystem in particular and to the rest of the industries in general, which are users of financial services. Mexico in particular has everything to become a reference not only for the region, but also worldwide”.

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También hubo una iniciativa complementaria en el Reino Unido, para exigir a los bancos que desarrollen estándares comunes de API para el acceso a las cuentas (lo que permitiría la PSD2). La Autoridad de Competencia y Mercados (CMA) señaló que el objetivo era  Aumentar el compromiso de los consumidores, facilitando que los clientes vean dónde pueden obtener una mejor oferta. También pretende aumentar la intensidad competitiva apoyando el crecimiento de la tecnología que pueden adoptar los bancos y los proveedores no bancarios para competir en la oferta de nuevos productos.

En su momento, el regulador británico, la Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), explicó cómo interactuarían ambas iniciativas: Como resultado de estas iniciativas reguladoras, unidas a la evolución tecnológica y del mercado, esperamos ver clientes mejor informados y comprometidos que encuentren más fácil comparar precios y tengan una mejor experiencia bancaria.

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Latam Open Finance is composed of a team of leading industry professionals and companies interested in promoting open data/banking/insurance for banks, insurance companies and interaction ecosystem.

Financial inclusion is a need that all of Latin America needs. The capabilities provided by open finance are key to achieve a profound change togetherLatam Open Finance President

Adding our contribution and regional education network to Latam Open Finance fills us with pride and above all fuels us to continue providing content for all participantsSantiago Lazaro, ETFest CEO

Do you want to empower financial inclusion, are you interested in Open Banking, Open Data, Open Insurance, are you curious about how you could use it, share it or help promote its social, economic and environmental benefits? Be part of the change with your membership

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