Do oil rig workers have access to their bank accounts?

What you do on an oil rig

If you are good at physics, mathematics, calculus and statistics; surely you are inclined to study engineering. Within the engineering field, there is an excellent option in terms of work with an unbeatable economic retribution: petroleum engineering.

Here we tell you about it. We will inform you about what a petroleum engineer does, where he/she works, how much he/she earns, the advantages and disadvantages of this career. In addition to other information that will open the panorama and help you to know if this engineering is the right one for you.

Parts of an oil platform

Maritime and fishing work is characterized by a series of differentiating features that differ substantially from those that define and encourage the application of protective mechanisms to other professional groups: the physical space in which the activity is carried out, the harshness of the living conditions on board, the prolonged isolation of the crews, the distance from the family home, the high morbidity and accident rates, etc., as well as the seasonal nature of the work and the existence of part remuneration.

Subsequently, the first articulated text of the aforementioned Law on the Bases of Social Security, approved by Decree 907/1966, April 21, 1996, contemplates in Article 10.2, among the Special Social Security Schemes, that of Sea Workers. Paragraph 4 establishes that it shall be governed by the specific laws issued for such purpose, and its regulation shall be homogeneous with the General Scheme.

Working shifts on an oil platform

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Floating oil platform

The salaries of the workers on these platforms are quite high compared to the majority of trades in other sectors, although the figure depends on the price of oil, which varies a lot and is a determining factor.

The school is in Torremolinos, but they also work on three oil rig simulators in Malaga and in any country where they are required to teach. For this reason, the teachers have been to Cuba, the United States, Brazil and some African countries, among other places.

“This is not like a class in which you raise your hand and ask the teacher questions, you have to know everything about drilling,” said the director of MDS, who emphasizes the difficulty of these courses, which have 15 students in each class.

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