You can eat whale

Learn about all the nutritional properties of shark meat from our nutrition experts. In this article we explain all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that shark meat can contribute to a healthy and varied diet.

Shark meat has many nutritional properties. First of all, as they are semi-fatty fish, they provide many quality proteins loaded with essential amino acids for the organism.

Shark meat has a light texture, a mild flavor and is very easy to digest, making it a great choice for people who often have stomach problems. It is also a very good choice if you are trying to lose weight, but of course you should never season this type of fish with fat-laden seasonings if you are looking for weight loss.

It is good to eat shark

“People have a right to know about what they are consuming and to have the information they need to make the healthiest decision for their family,” said Peter Fugazzotto, Director of Strategic Programs for Turtle Island Restoration Network. “Because of its high mercury levels, I would never feed shark to my family.”

Shark meat is widely sold in supermarkets across the country, but is labeled as “shark steak” or “dogfish.” Because of this, Mexican consumers may not be aware that they are eating shark at all, not to mention the health risks associated with consuming these products.

The main objective of this joint project is to educate Mexican citizens about the health risks associated with the consumption of shark and other fish with high mercury content. By reaching out to Mexican citizens and providing them with the education and tools to understand the toxins contained in shark meat, we hope to reduce the amount of shark meat consumed in Mexico.

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What sharks taste like

Carnivorous sharks feed on other species of aquatic animals: fish, mollusks, crustaceans, turtles, seals, dolphins, whales and other sharks.  The most lethal carnivorous sharks are the white, bull, tiger, mako and hammerhead sharks.

It often happens, as has happened in Massachusetts, United States, that the shark gets confused when it is going to attack prey, in this case seals, and bites a human being in its path.

They also have highly developed senses of sight and hearing, because they can hear sounds from a long distance, under the sea, which is where they usually hunt.  The vibrations of the prey in the water are interpreted by the shark, which stealthily waits for the moment to attack.

The attack is torpedo-shaped, from the bottom up, so that a four-meter-long shark weighing thousands of kilos can stun its prey by just hitting it, tearing off a piece of flesh with its sharp, saw-shaped teeth, and then return to devour it completely.

How to prepare shark meat

hákarl (Icelandic pronunciation: /ˈhauːkʰartl̥/; short for kæstur hákarl, ‘fermented shark’) is a dish in Icelandic cuisine based on cured meat from the basking shark or Greenland shark. In Iceland it is considered a delicacy. The meat of these sharks eaten unprepared is toxic due to its high content of urea and trimethylamine oxide (OTM), to be ingested it is necessary to go through a long process of elaboration. When the meat is cured, it has a strong odor (even for accustomed Icelanders) reminiscent of ammonia from some cleaning products.

It is usually served cut into brown cubes of one or two centimeters. It is, in part, an acquired taste food that takes time to get used to, beginners are advised to hold their nose when swallowing a piece to avoid strong smells when it gets close to the mouth. It is usually served with a typical brandy called brennivín.

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