What is the difference between the four agreements and the fifth agreement?

The four agreements: a book of

The Ombudsman is the high commissioner of the Cortes Generales appointed by the latter for the defense of the rights included in Title I of the Constitution, for which purpose he may supervise the activity of the Administration, reporting to the Cortes Generales. He shall exercise the functions entrusted to him by the Constitution and the present Law.

Two. A Joint Congressional-Senate Commission shall be appointed in the Cortes Generales to liaise with the Ombudsman and to report to the respective Plenary Sessions on as many occasions as may be necessary.

Three. Said Commission shall meet when so agreed jointly by the President of the Congress and the Senate, and in any case, to propose to the Plenary Sessions of the Houses the candidate or candidates for the Ombudsman. The resolutions of the Committee shall be adopted by simple majority.

Four. Once the candidate or candidates have been proposed, the Plenary of the Congress shall be convened within a period of no less than ten days to proceed to their election. Whoever obtains a favorable vote of three-fifths of the members of Congress shall be appointed, and subsequently, within a maximum period of twenty days, shall be ratified by the same majority of the Senate.

Teotihuac capital of the Toltecs

Be impeccable with your words: Speak with integrity being aware and respecting the power of words, avoiding speaking against oneself and others. Use that power always in the sense of truth and love.

Do not make assumptions: We must find the strength to ask what we really want without fear of what they can answer us. It is necessary to communicate clearly, authentically and free of fear.

Be skeptical but learn to listen: Do not believe in yourself or in anyone. Use the power of doubt to question everything you hear. You have to listen to the intention behind the words to understand the true message.

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The four agreements pdf

The power of knowing. to be who you want to be, which I call the four agreements, and these are: One of the most important themes “First agreement: Be impeccable with for the human being is the “Overcoming your words”. personal” is fundamental that the being…

The power of knowing. being able to be who you want to be, which I call the four agreements, and these are: One of the most important themes “First agreement: Be impeccable with for the human being is the “Overcoming your words. personal” it is fundamental that the human being knows the capabilities with “The second agreement: Don’t take the ones you count on to be able to succeed in anything personally” “The third agreement: Don’t make assumptions” and the topics relating interaction last “The fourth agreement: Always do social and personal, for we do not reach the most you can” these are the think that society will intervene with white magic methods, which was our skills of our life as he author expresses us their function. daily. The author explains that he sees the world as a mirror, because he formulates that society gives what it is and manipulates the thinking and attitude of an individual, to society to obtain the best possible results.

The Toltec secret: practices

“I am responsible for what I say, but I am not responsible for what you understand. You are responsible for what you understand; you are responsible for whatever you do with what you hear in your head, because you are the one who gives meaning to everything you hear”. The fifth agreement, by Miguel Ruiz and José Ruiz

We spend time on “self-importance”, in an internal dynamic between the judge and the victim. The tyrant judge represents here the part of us that demands us to respond to an ideal of perfection built on the basis of mandates and what each of us interpreted as “what I have to do”. The judge constantly compares us to that ideal and punishes us for not being what we think we should be. The victim is the side of us that is afraid of being rejected and is immobilized by so much pressure.

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Heaven and hell exist as possible worlds in our mind. Reality is what it is, never what happens is a problem in itself, but our stories are what construct a personal heaven (where we feel fulfilled, accepting people and events as they are) or a personal hell (where what we think should happen does not happen, and others are not as we think they should be). It is our choice to keep the limiting agreements, or to find new agreements that allow us to be the artists of our life, disarming the personal drama and unfolding creativity in our day to day life.

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