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HP Software Framework is a software developed by HP that comes pre-installed on HP devices. It is necessary for the correct operation of the function keys. Some users think it is unnecessary bloatware and want to remove or uninstall HP Software Framework. You should not remove or uninstall it. If you do, it can cause various errors on your system.

Hotkey drivers come pre-installed on all HP notebook computers. When a user turns on his laptop, these drivers are automatically executed. But sometimes, when the hotkey drivers stop running, the HP laptop displays this error on the screen. If you get the same error message while performing the tasks with fn keys, the solutions explained below can help you to fix it.

After downloading the software, simply double-click on it to run the installation wizard. Follow the instructions in the wizard to install the HP Software Framework. After installing the software, restart your computer.

Hp support assistant (windows 10)

Do you use F.n + special keys on your laptop to quickly perform functions such as adjusting the volume or putting your computer to sleep? Have these special functions suddenly stopped working on your HP computer? Perhaps you have seen this hotkey support error message and are wondering how to fix it.

When this message appears, the title may be HP Hotkey Support or HP Hotkey UWP Service. Both refer to drivers that are pre-installed on HP computers and allow hotkey execution.

There are many keyboard shortcuts that can make your life easier when you spend a lot of time in front of the screen, especially if you don’t like to use the mouse. Shortcuts save time and increase productivity, and shortcut keys are no exception.

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Normally, shortcut key drivers are pre-installed and run automatically at startup, but sometimes they close unexpectedly and need to be reinstalled. This can happen when you update drivers or install new programs or during automatic Windows updates. Fortunately, it is an easy fix. You don’t even need to uninstall the previous driver first.

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A number of vulnerabilities have been detected in HP Support Assistant, a tool that is pre-installed on HP computers running Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 operating systems and is intended to help users keep their computers up to date.

So far, only two of the vulnerabilities have received CVE identifiers, referenced as CVE-2019-18919, CVE-2019-18920. However, neither of these have been registered in the NIST database, so they have not received criticality according to the CVSSv3 scale. However, they have been rated as critical because a correct exploitation of these could allow an attacker to compromise a system completely. In the advisory released by HP, HP has given vulnerability CVE-2019-18919 a criticality of 7.3 CVSSv3 and vulnerability CVE-2019-18920 a criticality of 5.6 CVSSv3.    In addition, it is important to note that the publication made by the security researcher who reported the vulnerabilities to HP includes Proof of Concept (PoC).

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Good, a week ago the windows defender antivirus app found win32/beaureuws.A!ml in an executable. It was removed but I have doubts about some steps to follow to be clean, and I searched the forum and pass adwcleaner, in the 1st analysis I removed 2 of the threats I found there goes:

and my question is whether I should remove what appeared in the report or not as I see that they are pre-installed software files on the system, or comes from factory, and what steps to follow if any is missing … nor windows defender, superantispyware, malwarebytes or windows malware removal tool detect anything.

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As for the preinstalled software that AdwCleaner reports, it will be up to each user to choose to remove it or NOT, in some cases these software are simply add-ons that do NOT serve for much and in others they are necessary for the good maintenance of the system.

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