What are five pieces of information that should be recorded in an accident incident form?

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The purpose of the investigation of accidents at work is to discover all the factors involved in the genesis of the wrongly called ‘accidents’, looking for causes and not culprits. The objective of the investigation must be to neutralize the risk from its source or origin, avoiding assuming its consequences as inevitable.

Training for the investigation of the causes of work accidents promotes the culture of prevention: it serves to eradicate the concept of the ‘unsafe act’ as the determining cause of accidents.

Where there is a Health and Safety Committee, as a joint and collegiate body where decisions regarding occupational health and safety must be made, it is advisable to establish the criteria for accidents and incidents to be investigated and the degree of depth of the investigation. What happens if an accident or incident is not investigated?

Table of registration and notification of occupational accidents (ilo)

The occupational accident report is the document in which first-hand information is collected about the event that has generated an injury or fatality in a work environment. The objective is to identify risks in order to prevent and mitigate them, thus avoiding new accidents or similar incidents.

The occupational accident report is the immediate step that must be taken as soon as the emergency has been attended and the integrity and health of the worker has been ensured in order to guarantee its non-repetition as soon as possible.

However, this type of record is not always produced with the immediacy that is required and expected. This happens largely due to a lack of knowledge about what an occupational accident report is and how it should be made. Below we solve this problem.

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A work accident report is a document that accurately provides the details of an incident, accident or near miss, even if it does not result in injury or fatality. Of course, when this is the case, the importance of the report is unquestionable. Even changing the title

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Table 7 shows that the highest percentage of control failures is in work analysis and procedures with a frequency of 58 cases out of 117 accidents and in planned work observations with 50 cases out of 117 accidents studied. The basic causes and personal factors with the highest frequency indicate that of the 117 cases studied, 70 are due to the workers’ lack of judgment, which is the cause of work accidents (Table 8). Workers do not have an adequate work rhythm while working and are not aware of the risks to which they are exposed in each activity. The basic causes-work factors that most affected the work accidents studied were Programming or planning and Instruction/orientation and/or deficient training, represented in 35 and 23 cases of the 117 accidents studied, respectively (Table 9). It was also recorded that in several accidents basic causes-work factors were identified. Table 8. Basic causes-personal factors affecting the accidents presented.

What is a recordable accident

To report an incident, the following process must be followed:- The employee who detects the incident must immediately communicate it to the area responsible for recording and managing reports of work-related incidents (specifically to the Work Center that manages the facilities where the incident was identified).- The person responsible at the work center must record the information in the “Incident Record” form and manage the implementation of the relevant preventive measures with the relevant authorities.

To report an accident at work, the following process must be followed:- The injured person verbally informs the immediate supervisor, within a period of no more than 1 working day, that he/she has suffered an accident at work.- The supervisor analyzes whether the accident is covered by the occupational risk system. – If the accident is of occupational origin, he/she completes and signs the respective form (accident report) within a period not exceeding 1 working day and gives it to the injured person. The injured person presents the report within a period not exceeding 1 working day at the Occupational Health Area, where he/she will be interviewed and enters the data requested by the insurance company’s virtual system, to then be treated in the Health Department.

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