Some entrepreneurs build businesses for fortune. Some for impact. Deepti Sharma is driven by passion.

Deepti SharmaAs CEO and Founder of FoodtoEat, a community-minded catering concierge service, she connects immigrants, women and minority-owned food vendors to opportunities for growth – ultimately helping them strengthen their own business skills while helping businesses feed employees great food and build stronger & more diverse work cultures. She is also a Co-Founder of Bikky, a platform solving customer engagement for restaurants.

Deepti joins Socialfly Co-founder Courtney Spritzer in the MouthMedia Network studios for a conversation about building her company and her journey to success, along with a surprise and a brainstorm.

In this episode:

  • Relentless resilience
  • How waiting for a cookie inspired a business
    Deepti Sharma
  • Motivating food cart operators to see themselves as business owners
  • Starting as an online ordering platform
  • Bringing value in helping food cart operators to grow and scale small businesses
  • The best way to know what needs to happen is to talk with the end user
  • Discovering why catering is the holy grail of the culinary world
  • The first big-brand client, and helping them build culture through food
  • Why biggest part of the business is concierge
  • Deepti on why she’s eating 50% off the time
  • Enabling businesses to start conversations about diversity by putting pictures of restaurant owners with the food they serve
  • Why it matters to avoid thinking of team members as family
  • The value of aiming purchasing power toward diversity
  • And the importance of just getting things done

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