Gina Bartasi of Kindbody – Putting the “Women” in Women’s Health

Acting on the vision of building a solution that’s about making women’s lives easier…

KindbodyWomen need to be treated as first-class citizens in health care and the primary decision makers. Thanks to the power of social media platforms like Instagram, women are really pushing each other forward and empowering one another to learn more and take action for their own health. Knowledge truly is power, Kindbody will be passionately leaning into their strong growth in a big way, and Kindbody has personal meaning to one of the Socialfly team .

Gina Bartasi, Founder/CEO of Kindbody (a full service women’s health and fertility platform, reinvented for the women of today), joins Socialfly founders Stephanie Cartin and Courtney Spritzer in the MouthMedia Network studios for a conversation about building her company and her journey to success, along with a surprise and a brainstorm.

In this episode:

  • From former patient to disruptor in the space, having passion for change
  • From building Fertility Authority 10 years ago, to recently launching Kindbody, what has changed in the healthcare space? The answer, not much…
  • Seeking transparency and truth with Kindbody; only 3 things matter in healthcare – patient outcome, patient experience, and cost
  • Shifting into services to positively affect change with the women’s health and fertility space
  • Gina’s first business in Atlanta; the Leader Publishing Group – knowing when to pivot and moving to NYC
  • Finding ways to listen to your audience and meet their needs and wants
  • Not fearing change and getting ahead of it
  • Finding ways to remove costs from the system, not adding costs to the system – bringing reproductive endocrinologists and OBGYNs on staff at Kindbody
  • The genesis of Kindbody; creating better health for women, all services under one roof
  • The broken healthcare system and the roadblocks in place by insurance companies like Aetna
  • IVF vs IUI
  • Finding ways to speak to women in their 20s to educate them about the issues they may face in their 30s
  • How to create parody in space, the disadvantages women face in the work force
  • Creating options for women, “I wish I knew then what I know today.”
  • The reality of costs for egg freezing, how can we make it affordable and available for everyone
  • When are you the most fertile and when can you expect to see declines?
  • Testing women with their new pop up mobile experience: 20% of women tested have diminishing ovarian reserve – they key is education, not fear, and empowering women with knowledgeKindbody
  • 80% of the time women prefer female doctors, and Kindbody’s efforts to accommodate that.
  • The launch of Kindbody; early business success is a product of a strong team
  • Seeing the success of mobile pop ups in other industries and bringing it to the women’s health space; bringing the van’s success to the west coast
  • Spreading the word on social media and women supporting women
  • How to build a strong brand, looking for adjacent brands to partner with and associate with
  • Removing the stigma associated with fertility and bringing it to the retail level.
  • Sharing a surprise with Gina
  • Dealing with criticism and stress in the spotlight; avoiding mistakes and learning from the past
  • How to be more patient, learning from people around you
  • Twins marrying twins
  • 60 second brainstorming session with Gina
  • Understanding the needs of Kindbody as it continues to grow
  • What has surprised Gina most about the launch of Kindbody
  • Stephanie sharing her fertility journey on social media
  • What’s next for Kindbody?
  • The lessons learned from the raising capital
  • A special offer from Kindbody

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