Designer Hayley Paige – From Side Hustle to Career and TV Show

Hayley PaigeTurning a childhood dream and resulting side hustle into a full-fledged career as a sought-after wedding dress designer with a large following and celebrities wearing her creations, and even a TV show, and how early adoption of Instagram gave her momentum…

Hayley Paige, Head Designer for Hayley Paige at JLM Couture, Blush by Hayley Paige, and Jim Hjelm by Hayley Paige bridal collections and for Hayley Paige Occasions bridesmaids collection, joins Socialfly founders Stephanie Cartin and Courtney Spritzer in the MouthMedia Network studios for a conversation about her journey to success, along with a surprise and a brainstorm.

In this episode:

  • How Hayley made a shift from focusing on gymnastics to using skills she learned at home and at school to bridge her work and her lifelong passion
  • The ways studying at Cornell’s Fiber Science department helped Hayley develop her skills and influenced her approach to design
  • How a friendship in college led to an early entrepreneurial venture, and how that experience shaped Hayley’s own venturesHayley Paige
  • How Hayley became an early adopter on Instagram and developed a strong following
  • The moment Hayley realized she could turn her side hustle into a full-fledged career
  • Hayley’s determination to work with JLM Couture and how she made it happen
  • The moment Hayley knew she had her own collection
  • How Hayley’s line have evolved over time and what’s in store for the future of the brand
  • The TV show “Weddings to Watch”
  • Plus, a One Minute Brainstorm for Hayley Paige’s next big product line

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