Samantha Wasser of by CHLOE – Because of Passion

Delivering on a social media strategy and a thoughtful marketing plan as part of the DNA of launching a business from the beginning,  finding people who roll with punches matters, the art of winning with a small team, the impact of making yourself valuable, and persevering in spite of tough personal challenges…

Samantha Wasser, Restaurateur and Founder of by CHLOE, & Co-Founder of DEZ and The Sosta, joins Socialfly founders Stephanie Cartin and Courtney Spritzer in the MouthMedia Network studios for a conversation about her journey to success, along with a surprise and a brainstorm.

In this episode:

  • Getting into the food world
  • Spending a lot of free time in restarants with friends, inspiring to go into the business
  • Building by CHLOE for 3+ years
  • Studied sociology/psychology in college Samantha Wasser
  • The 2009 job market was tough, Samantha worked for a year wthout pay to get her foot in the door
  • Samantha on how she only wanted to work with her father in restaurants if she could create her own brands
  • How she has created an “Instagram dream”, everything so thought-out in appearance and function
  • How Samantha was excited for vegan restaurants because of her impending wedding then she decided to create a vegan restaurant that was approachable and felt like you really belong
  • Instagram feed vs. stories
  • Using stories to connect with customers and engage users
  • Cookies and pastries are so instagrammable
  • CBD-infused by CHLOE sweets
  • Sourcing CBD oil
  • A kind of traveling pop-up plus a dozen locations
  • Managing so many business prioritiesSamantha Wasser
  • Finding the right partners
  • You figure it out, all encompassing, you will find the tme when something is meaningful for you
  • How the business recently took on outside funding for first time
  • Growing the team, identifying the right employees, building culture with experiences, being a fun boss
  • A typical day for Samantha
  • How Samantha doesn’t want to be a boss that is unavailable or at a distance
  • The importance of an open office environment
  • Focusing on best skills with the immediate team
  • Mistakes that have been made
  • Kombucha
  • Samantha’s fertility journey while running business, putting yourself first when it matters so much
  • The emotional impact of miscarriages and how it created a lack of openness, how that changed with IVF
  • Pilates and yoga a part of game-changing routine
  • Maternity leave for an entreprenista?
  • A brainstorm for a new restaurant idea

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